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About Coffee Crate

Delivering Delicious.

We believe that coffee tastes better when there’s an empowering story of love and respect that connects us to the origin of the beans. We are an online coffee subscription and gift service, providing carefully curated roasts from local North Carolina roasters, delivered every month to your door. We work with roasters who connect with the story of where their beans come from, and who uphold ethical standards of sustainability and labor. In this way, we curate the highest quality beans and carefully package them with creativity and love.

Each month we are dedicated to finding the best tasting assortment of roasts that uniquely compliment each other. Let us enhance your morning by bring occasional surprises.

Who we are

Angie Rainey, Coffee Curator, is taking the guesswork out of selecting what coffee to buy for your morning (or afternoon, let’s face it) caffeine ritual. Mother of two young’uns, this barista turned entrepreneur needs lots of delicious coffee to fuel her day. Currently headquartered in Asheville, NC, we are a group of coffee-loving North Carolinians, who want to discover and share what our local artisans have to offer.

We provide brewing tips, tasting notes, and every now and then sweet treats along the way, but our number one goal is simply delivering local coffee that tastes great. Are you tired of the ordinary? We're here to bring a coffee revolution to your morning, starting with one cup.

Our Roasters

We work with local roasters who care about coffee as much as we do. Every roaster has a story as unique as the beans they roast. Our roasters range from micro roasters to well-known North Carolina brands. Our roasters source quality beans from farmers all over the world. Many of our roasters hold certifications, such as Fair Trade Certified, Organic, Direct Farm Trade, and Rainforest Alliance.

The Process

Each month, we taste LOTS of coffee. We sample coffee with our customers in mind. We only include roasts that we love for their distinct qualities. Coffee Crate is about having a new experience. Our crates include roasts that work together to provide variety. We strive to surprise your tastebuds every month and "wow" you with our selections.  Coffee Crate gives you the opportunity to try roasts that you may not have access to or that you would have never selected for yourself.

The Result

An awesome crate of coffee. Coffee Crate is creating a community of North Carolina roasters and coffee drinkers. We are adding a little variety to your weekly grind and bring you closer to the coffee you didn't know was in your own neck of the woods.

On The News

Getting some love on Fox and Friends - Check us out at the 1:47 mark